How to please a man in bed


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Escorts are women who know how to bring pleasure to a man in bed and who are able to do this automatically. Not every female can qualitatively satisfy the bangalore desires of her partner. It’s not enough just to have a beautiful body to please your man. And mostly everyday sex can quickly get boring. To really excite him in an intimate way you need to give him pleasure regularly and give him new sensations from time to time.

Be a wise escort girl in Belgium and show him that you take the initiative. First of all you should think about how to surprise a guy. After you can realize that ideas. In case you lack imagination we have listed up some unbeatable options below.


Oral excitements are absolutely loved by all men. Even if he has not offered you this before then probably he is just shy or afraid for your reaction. Don’t be and just act. If giving a blowjob as an escort Belgique isn’t really your thing then we advise you to use other techniques like icy water to make your man excited.





New poses

high-class escorts Most high-class escorts who work in the erotic sector know at least 8 to 10 positions to have sex in. The classical version of the Kama Sutra counts 64 positions. We must admit that 24 of them are designed for people who are physically very developed, but the remaining 40 can be fully mastered by normal people as well. Only choose the ones that are within your power because a groaning girl that is trying to throw her leg behind her head does not look sexy at all.




Sensual whispering

Call girls BrusselsFrom this word combination alone most men are already getting creepy. Does sex with him/her feels good, but don’t you know what to say during the action? Don’t hesitate and just tell your partner how exciting it makes you! Do you want to change the position? Just let him/her know! You don’t want him/her to stop? Tell this right in the ear which is one of the erogenous zones. Don’t hold back and let yourself go completely!





escort in Bxl Every escort in Bxl is an actress by nature. And the bedroom is the best place to showcase her talents. Special training is not necessary: it is pleasant to surprise a man in bed without a nurse or maid costume. During foreplay we advise you to whisper in his ear which role-play excites you. Most men are very adventurous and would love to play games with you.




Sex toys

The most sex toys are created to satisfy the female half of the two genders. All these vibrators, anal plugs and vaginal balls deliver a physical pleasure to all ladies. For a man the fun part lays in seeing his escort of Belgium groaning of pleasure that these small items are giving her. Therefore we advise you to hide your chosen toy under your pillow and when your partner arrives just surprise him with it and start playing games together.





elite escort This is an option for the most courageous. All men secretly dream about threesomes so talk about it with your preferred elite escort and arrange an unforgettable night for the both of you. The second girl should be nice and good looking too because we are sure your partner will want to watch you taking care of her pleasures too.





Erotic massage

erotic massage in BrusselsAn excellent alternative to the preliminary caresses is giving your top escort an erotic massage in Brussels. Let her get comfortable and after it is your turn get down to business. Start with light strokes off your fingertips and tease her. Then touch her body with the palms of your hands. Your movements should be gentle. When the excitement reaches a peak you can use the lubricants. To stop or not to stop – that’s s up to you.




Inexperienced Brussels companions who have just started an active job in the erotic sector mostly look through hundreds of forums and articles on the internet. After they immediately try all the things suggested on the world wide web to surprise their partner in bed. This often frightens off men.

To make a nice guy hot and horny in bed you do not need to invent anything. Being yourself is the most important. Actually even most men like submissive girls. They like to be the teacher. Watching inexperienced escort girls can be very interesting as they are continually embarrassed and react very sweet to new sensations.

Sex itself a pleasant lesson. But it is you who can make it an unforgettable experience. When surprising a man in bed it’s also important not to forget to take care of yourself too. If you are rather conservative and not open to new things it’s best to honestly tell your partner. Surely he will understand and treat you with the utmost respect. Enough blabla. Now it’s time for action!

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