Bringing gifts to your escort

Gift escort

Probably most of the customers of escort services won’t decide to take a gift to their preferred lady. Certainly not on the first date they’ll have together. Though regular clients might occasionally do a nice gesture and present their lady a gift. If you finally decided to also give your girl a present we’ve made up a list below of some of the presents Belgian escorts would like to receive and the ones you would rather don’t need to buy.

If you’ll see your escort at her private place a present such as a fragranced candle would be a super idea. It’s better to look for something special. Don’t go to your local grocery store to buy things like this. Prefer something classier that includes aromatherapy oils and organic fragrances. These generally are in very clear cups and are attractively packed. Also, we want to give you the advice to present your gift wrapped. If you are not a specialist in it yourself, a basic but an elegant handbag will already be a nice thing to begin with. It’s not very appropriate to offer a gift that still is wrapped in plastic from the shop you have bought it.

Now we are already in the aromatherapy theme, shower products can also be a wonderful present. Be selective when you chose them. Make sure they consist of organic oils and pick the one that has a gorgeous product packaging. It’s way more impressive to get a gift that’s looking refined instead of a cheap item. When you know what the preferred perfume is from your escort in Belgium it’s simpler to pick that. You can be sure she will like your gift.

From what we know most Belgian escorts do not like to drink alcohol during their encounters with customers. Nevertheless, there are escorts who like to drink a glass of champagne or wine. Be sure to choose a well-known brand of champagne or wine and slide it into a nice handbag. Most females prefer bubbly wine and escorts are no different. They just have a thing with all those bubbles that pop on your tongue. Consider to choose for champagne as it’s a wonderful present to get it on a unique occasion.

Sweets are also very appreciated. Whether your escort companion usually appears to look after her weight or not really, there are extremely few ladies who can withstand the lure of sweets and chocolates in particular. Prefer to select quality over quantity. In Brussels there are many cocoa shops which make beautiful bonbons packed in fancy boxes. Offering your Brussels escort one of this will impress her for sure.

And for the girls who are usually always on diet there are still beautiful flowers like roses to give them. If you frequently go to your companion at her place it will be a great idea to give her a nice bouquet. We advise you to pick flowers that match the colours of her interior. If you are not very good in matching than just pick exotic flowers. They will have certainly an impact and your companion will remember you long after you have left.

So if you feel the need to show your high class-escort in Belgium your gratitude for how she treats you during dates just simply say thank you with a wonderful gift. Keep in mind all young ladies appreciate presents. A thoughtful, well selected gift does not only gives us a good feeling but it shows also that you take care about the other person. Don’t hesitate to surprise your preferred companion in Belgium when you visit her the next time.

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