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Escorts BrusselsWelcome to the Press Pink. We are the leading escort directory in Belgium and even in the world. In addition we are a safe and easy directory where beautiful women, gentleman and couples can advertise their services on. We have been working in this industry for a long time. That makes us well aware of the ins and outs of this business. That’s why you can rest assured that our directory is safe enough to help you find your escort Brussels. Our index consists of a wide range of escort girl annonces and profiles that will bring you the love and attention that you’ve been dreaming off for a long time. Whether it’s a casual date or, a more intimate encounter or you just want them to join you for a business meeting Press Pink is here to help you find the right companion in Belgium for you. We have escorts of all origins and all kinds to satisfy your mind and body. Look at our website and you will find attractive photos of the most popular models. There is no doubt that the photos will brighten up your mood. We’re doing everything we can to authenticate most of the escort profiles.

Are you alone in the city and looking for a guide to take you on a tour in Brussels or another area in Belgium? The women on our site are available and wish to meet you for an exceptional encounter. We are here to give you an exploration to a new experience in life. Our incall and outcall services will serve you in any of your needs such as escort dates, erotic massages and even dinner date. Since every individual loves to have relaxation our escort ladies in Belgium want to spoil you with their wondrous and sensual services. They are the ideal companions for entertainment as well as relaxation. For reservation and bookings it’s best to contact your desired escort in Belgium directly through the contact information that is displayed on her profile page.

Have a day to never forget with an escort of Belgium

escort girl brusselsWhether you want to come over to Belgium for a weekend break or for a much longer stay, Belgium has, besides beautiful escort ladies, a great deal to present to travellers coming over. Do you also want to explore this wonderful country but don’t know what to do in Belgium? Or where to find your ideal escort of Belgium to spend your days with? No problem! We have put together a list of fun and tasty things to do in Belgium as well as where you can find the best escorts in Belgium!

Our big cities are certainly worth a visit. What do you think of a weekend in the capital of Brussels? Or Antwerp or Bruges? Spend discreet and exciting hours with one of our escorts in Belgium. Enjoy a laid-back event, check out a fair or go together to a business conference. Belgium has also a lot artwork and culture to offer you. There are a lot of exhibitions and we are sure your companion in Belgium will love to show them to you. Because of their appearance and lovely personality our high-class escorts are the ideal accompaniment for appointments and other events. Do you desire even more from our females? Do not hesitate and simply book an appointment with them for a few hours and explore the country with personal sightseeing. Pull your preferred lady close to you and walk through the city. Take some time to relax with a glass of wine and simply enjoy your time being together. You will not quickly forget the time you had with an escort of Belgium.

Brussels escorts want to show you around

Escort BrusselsWe have many metropolitan areas in the capital city Brussels with prestigious artwork that are magnificent. If you are very enthusiastic about history then the Belgian culture will certainly will be something for you. Many of our escorts in Brussels do know their way around and will be happy to show you around the city.

You must know that Belgians like gastronomy so because of that it might be a great idea to take your Brussels girl out to a fancy restaurant. We are used to have great meals and we will certainly invite you to our kitchen with lots of flavours. We have very unique beers and cheeses. We have more than 800 to 1,000 different beers depending on the source. They come from breweries that are spread throughout the country. Some have existed for centuries and others are fairly new. Several of them can be visited. Maybe a good idea to take your escort of Belgium to one? Certainly now that our beer scene has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, you should definitely start tasting, right? You might also like our delicious chocolates and candy. There is no doubt that Belgians produce the best chocolate in the world. There are lot of refined creations of independent chocolatiers in our capital city. Why not present them as a gift to your favourite independent escort girl of Belgium? But the most important of all that are, of course, our renowned Belgian fries. Having a dinner date with a one of our call girls in Brussels is definitely a number of gentlemen’s cup of tea and we can’t certainly judge them for that. Take pleasure in being surrounded with enchanting young ladies that do not only look amazing but also are well educated and sophisticated. Our Belgium escort service delivers elegant beauties with personality that will fill up your batteries and make you experience a complete revitalisation. This certainly is an opportunity where a dinner date with one of escorts in Brussels can help you forgot all your problems regarding work. Our Belgian escort models are the ideal females to talk with during intimate connections. Mostly you will even end up having a bonding romantic relationship after having a date with one of our Belgian escort girls.

Antwerp escorts would love to go shopping with you

Escort AntwerpBesides our Brussels girls also our escorts in Antwerp can offer you a city trip to this top destination. Antwerp is beautiful historic city where you can shop and enjoy all the beauty that the city has to offer. It’s definitely worth to visit the historic city centre with one of your Antwerp girls. It’s just the main attraction. On ancient squares such as the Grand Place you can fully enjoy a delicious Belgian pint accompanied by beautiful Belgian girls. For Antwerp escorts who like to shop there are many shopping areas where they can go all the way. It is not for nothing that Antwerp is considered to be the shopping city of the Benelux. The month of December is one of the busiest as many Dutch and Belgians arriving at the Christmas market and all other Christmas festivities that this city has to offer. This might be a good idea for a romantic evening with the escort in Antwerp from your choice.

Take your escort in Bruges on a romantic trip

Escort BrugesWith a network of canals and cobbled roads connecting the various markets the historic centre is ideal for a day out in with your escort in Bruges. The medieval city is not only a feast for the camera of tourists, but also the many attractions make it easy for everyone here to enjoy a nice time. The extensive network of canals that flows through the historic centre is called the Bruges canals. As the canals flow past all the main attractions in Bruges a boat trip on the canals is one of the activities in Bruges that you must have done with your preferred companion in this wonderful city. It may be very touristy, but given its reputation as the ‘Venice of the North’ a boat trip is simply not to be missed when you are a day out in Bruges. Your elite escort in Bruges will certainly appreciate the romantic and relaxed atmosphere that will bring you together. Close to the canals there are many horse carriages waiting to pick up passionate couples like you. Why not go from a romantic boat trip to a private trip with champagne on a horse-drawn carriage? Your high-class escort in Bruges will for sure thank you for the effort you are investing in your date with her. After you can have a romantic dinner in one of the many luxurious restaurants that the city has to offer. This tete a tete will be the beginning of an evening full of sexual and passionate activities.

Go wild with a young escort girl from Hasselt

Escort HasseltLast but not least we have also a lot of high-class escorts in Hasselt. This smaller city of taste is located in the Belgian province of Limburg. Thanks to the university and colleges Hasselt is a real student city. You can see this on the streets and in nightlife. So don’t be surprised when your preferred escort girl from Hasselt appears to be a student. Thursday is a popular night in this city and you can benefit from special prices for drinks on that evening. Cars are not allowed in the city centre so it’s ideal as a shopping area, for visiting a museum and for enjoying good food. The city of Hasselt has for a long time continued to be the juniper city of Belgium. The special recipe is different from the average gin, but no less popular as a result. Beside it’s many bars and cafes the city has also a lot of culinary opportunities to offer. You can be guaranteed that you’ll not have a boring night with your companion in Hasselt. Don’t wait and start looking for your elite escort in Hasselt now!


Organise a romantic weekend for your call girl in Belgium

Escort Bruxelles

A romantic weekend in a city is the ideal remedy to escape from all the daily hustle and bustle. Just get away from everything and have more time for each other. Visiting a city can be romantic, but you have to create the real romance yourself. Exploring the best sights or hidden treasures together with your girl Belgique will make your visit truly romantic. A romantic city trip quickly makes one think of cities like Paris and Barcelona, but there are more cities that are very romantic if you can find the right places. Cities like Brussels, Antwerp and Bruges also have a lot to offer when you are planning to do a romantic visit with your escort. You must know that these cities are still fairly unknown and you will have the chance to visit the romantic places alone or at least with less tourists around you. In these cities you will have to go out on your own research which will only increase the romantic atmosphere when having a date with Belgian girls. Your best bet is to get behind your computer for an evening and investigate everything online that the city has to offer. Take a look at to find nice places. Let the city act on you and get to know it. You will automatically notice that you get a good picture of it and therefore you will develop a certain feeling for it. Finding the most romantic places will be easier when you already know the city a little. Please do not get tempted by the use of ready-made guides. This will emphatically reduce the romanticism. A city can be romantic, but initially you must create the real romance yourself. What are you waiting for? Start right away and spoil your girls in Belgique next weekend!

Take your escort in Belgique out on a dinnerdate

High class escort BrusselsOur exclusive escort girls in Bruxelles are elegant, intelligent, discreet and charming. They feel comfortable in different outfits and are excellent companions for a romantic evening. So why not go for a dinner together? Enjoy a sensual dinner date for two with your first-class escort in Belgium. This gives you the opportunity to have a nice chat over dinner and a glass of champagne to get to know each other. Like this you can laugh, flirt and get a good feeling about each other. Experience many sparkling and especially beautiful hours with one of our high-class escorts in Bruxelles.  After your delicious dinner together it is much easier take your best escort in Brussels to your room where the evening will continue mysteriously. Because of this longer evenings it’s recommended to book an appointment that starts at 4 hours. You have time for a nice dinner and you can then enjoy private hours in your hotel room after.

Have a relaxed time with your escort from Belgium

Escort BrusselIf you do not want to explore the city you can choose to stay in your hotel and let one of our elite courtesans come over. You will enjoy a total relaxation in a unique atmosphere. Most of our girls are professional massagers so they will be glad to give you a real erotic massage in Belgium. Our high-class escorts will provide the right ambience. Ideally it should be quiet in the room to completely experience this erotic adventure. You do not have to worry about anything as your preferred girl will lay out blankets and have towels ready. A common bath before the massage can also have a very relaxing effect. The sense of the massage oil will let the eroticism stand during your erotic massage in Antwerp. Our Antwerp courtesans will let you choose the scent of the oil. Mostly they will also bring several massage candles. Indulge yourself with one of our lovely elite companions in Belgium.

Above everything said before Belgium is a place where you can have a lot of fun: it has an extremely radiant cultural scene with many concerts and festivals. In the evening all cities will definitely will be one big event. It will be buzzed with activity. There is always something interesting to experience as a resident or as a tourist. Discover the rich cultural architecture and some leisure that the Belgium has to offer with one of our lovely escorts in Belgium.

The top 5 types of escorts that Belgium has to offer

A date with a sizzling and sexy escort is always something exciting for wealthy gentleman when being on a holiday, a business trip or just a journey. It does not really matter to which country you are planning to go. Our Belgian escorts have all the qualities for giving you a top-class GFE experience that can make every place in the world an amusing one. Your enjoyment will reach new levels being in the company of a good looking and warm-hearted companion.

Unquestionably the new pattern of using the services of a professional escort lady has become extremely common. Nowadays all types of people frequently call busty companions. Each gentleman has his own personal reasons for booking a date. Whether you are hiring these female beauties to enjoy you to a party or you simply want to meet them for an erotic encounter – all is possible. Also meetings escorts on a business trip is not uncommon these days, When you’ll start dating than you will found out that there are many different types of escorts. Below we will give you a write up of the most popular types of escort girls in Belgium.

Escorts providing a GFE

GFE stands for Girl Friend Experience. These types of girls  are beautiful and charming and they have plenty of love and sweetness to offer you. They do not differ a lot from a real girlfriend. When you are a very ambitious person you do not have the desire to waste your valuable time on running after mean girls. You are looking for something more luxurious and serious. Well than calling an escort that offers GFE services in Brussels is the most essential thing that you can do. She will show you affection just as a real girlfriend would do. An experience with her will be one to never forget. You will be eager to meet her again and again.

High-class companions

Businessmen and people of high standards prefer to be in the company of high-class companions. These boutique escorts will offer you an amazing experience when being in Brussels. They are even willing to give you company when going to a party, Also most of them are intelligent enough to meet your business associates. These top-notch escorts have very high standards and understand very well how they should behave on public encounters. After they surely will blaze you away with their sexual qualities as well. A time with a high-class escort will give you such great fun.


Press Pink is very proud to have some of the best male escorts and gigolo’s in Belgium and Brussels. These males will provide you of the necessary rock and roll in your sex life. Whether you are looking for an alluring prince charming or a real hunk Press Pink will display you the most amazing and handsome male escorts in Belgium. Feel free to browse through the entire categories of gigolo’s and male escorts on our site. We are sure you will find the perfect matching gigolo in Brussels to fulfil all your needs.

BDSM escorts

When married it may happen that you get bored with your wife and just desire some extra bit of fun in your sex life, In that case you can hire BDSM escorts in Brussels from Press Pink. These types of escorts provide a real genuine and lifechanging experience. One by one they are breathtaking and gorgeous ladies. They offer services from light to hard BDSM. This varies from spanking, dominating and submissive to hardcore roleplays. They will certainly please your requirements. Our Belgian escorts in Brussels may also be hired to go with you to amazing BDSM and fetish parties.

Milf escorts

Mature escorts are usually enthusiastic and skilful lovers. They are over 35 years of age, but they do still look very hot and sexy. Their age makes them older and wiser – also in the bedroom. These experienced temptresses will for sure show you the paths of intimate fantasies and sensual games. Don’t wait any longer to book sizzling a longhair brunette or sensual blond milf as this change might not appear once again. While they are here for you waiting to spent an enjoyable moment with you it’s time to act today!

Party escorts

Party escorts are those hot and funny beauties who certainly may offer your party that extra exceptional and seductive touch. They will be very happy to serve champagne and wine to your guests and tease your party friends and guests with her kinky dance moves. These high-class girls in Bruxelles are bubbly and witty in all forms.

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That said; are you still ѕеаrсhing fоr a high-class escort that will nоt brеаk уоur budgеt аnd iѕ аffоrdаblе? Then you came to the right place with visiting the escort directory of Press Pink. Test аftеr tеѕt this directory iѕ hаilеd аѕ оnе оf the bеѕt аnd most аffоrdаblе directories in Belgium and The Netherlands. Please take your time to go to all the profiles on our website and find the escort girl in Belgium that can make all your dreams come true!

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