Escort with more then “10.000 clients” reveals why men cheat their wives

“Whether we like it or not, women are cheated by men because they allow it. That is the point that a new book by former luxury escort Gwyneth Montenegro wants to make. The woman, who says she had more than 10,000 men in her bed, is now a self-proclaimed ‘intimacy expert’ and wants to help other women not to let themselves be laid to rest. According to Montenegro, women are too driven by their hearts and emotions. They dissociate their mind and reason in their search for the perfect fairy tale.

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What signs are there that something is wrong? That your husband treats you not as an equal, but rather as a convenience. “Men get away with it because women all too often give up control and start a relationship out of a needy position,” she says to the British newspaper The Sun. “Not having a relationship is still very stigmatizing for women and the pressure to enter into a relationship is always there. Women still too often seek emotional validation. They choose a partner on the basis of what society expects from them and follow their heart instead of their mind.

The woman says she knows what she is talking about after she has shared the sheets with thousands of men. She herself ended up in prostitution after she was given drugs as a young girl and then fell victim to gang rape. She did succeed in climbing up to luxury escort. Meanwhile, she has changed her life and is using her experience to show women how to avoid falling in love with the wrong man.

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Women have to beat men on their own territory, that’s how it sounds. “1 in 10 men is a congenital deceiver and 2 in 10 pretend to be looking for love to get sex,” she continues. “The good news is that you can reverse the balance of power. All you have to do is look at it from his perspective and be alert for signals that something is wrong.

In her book ‘Men Outplayed: The Explosive Guide That Reveals Why Men Play Women And What To Do About It’ Montenegro divides men into 10 categories for this purpose. The Internal Man who lives mainly in his head, is driven by goals and is faithful, the Primary Man who is not very intimate but dominant and patriarchal, the Pleaser who is very intimate, knows what he stands for and is a team player, the Dependent Child who is open to change and equality and who can be a faithful partner, the Conqueror who is charming, charismatic and successful among women, The Toxic and Emotional man who must be avoided at all costs, the Tegendosis who enjoys adventure and freedom, the Streler who is open to a long-term relationship, strives for safety and your opinion is important, the Disillusioned man who is slightly damaged but still to be saved and the Puppy, who in his urge for excitement and adventure is sometimes difficult to keep up with.

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