Why it’s better to protect your identity when being an escort

Why it’s better to protect your identity when being an escort

It’s your choice if you want to keep your career as an escort private. There are companions who really don’t care about it while others think that their privacy is of great importance. What they do agree on is that their privacy should be a decision of their own. The stigma around being a sex worker Being an escort is a profession many people decide to sign up for because they want to achieve a level of certain independency. Many escorts in Europe decide not to show their true identity. You can certainly see this by the large number of companions who blur out their faces on images or they can also have cropped them out completely. But why do escorts prefer to do it that way? Some organizations in the erotic field and escorts stated that appointments got a boost when escorts blurred their face on pictures but the initial and most important reason why ladies want to safeguard their identities usually is to prevent that close friends and family members from knowing they are offering their services online. It can end up being extremely hard for a companion to inform people of her new career as a in many cultures there is still lurking a stigma on whole thing of being a sex worker.   The fear of family, friends and employers’ opinion Some people might have very spiritual backgrounds or may have a family that is very religious. Other escorts simply do not feel the need from other people to understand their escort career as it’s personal choice to them. Also some girls can be afraid when they are in a romantic relationship that their partner might find out that they are escorting. Close friends might not understand why somebody offers her services as a companion and because of this many escorts decide to maintain their escort life separated from their personal life. For some ladies escorting certainly is something they do in their spare time and they value their professional career more as their escorting. Many Brussels escorts have a regular job in an office where there is a lot of open public and they are mostly always afraid that the escorting element of their lives will end up being exposed and they’ll lose their credibility and even maybe their career. Because of this many escorts decide to maintain this extracurricular activity hidden from the general… Read more

2 Stories That Will Make You Understand ‘Not All Escorts Are The Same’

We spoke to Brighton escorts ‘Alicia’ and ‘Izzie’ about their best memories as a sex worker for Katies Kent Escorts. Their stories highlight how much these girls get out of satisfying their clients aside from the obvious lucrative career.

How often do you meet a woman who genuinely loves to please you? It’s a common issue in society that relationships turn into a one-way street – always trying to please the woman. I know you have to pay for an escort but ‘Alicia’ and ‘Izzie’ are masters of their craft. From the stories we’ve heard they certainly know what they are doing.

On the topic of stories, we asked the busty pair about some of their fondest memories over a few drinks at Brighton’s Tempest Inn.

Alicia’s Client – “my wife won’t even have sex with the lights on and my biggest fantasy is giving anal” (Heading 2)

Everybody has their fantasies but not everyone can live them out if their partner does not consent. Alicia said this is such a common scenario with her booking requests.

This client, in particular, became a regular for Alicia. He even said, “I love my wife, we have an amazing family but I found myself getting bored and moody for no reason. I realised I had these fantasies about anal sex and really going hard with some rough sex but this really isn’t what my wife is into”

Alicia added to say, “In a sense, we can sort of help marriages. I know the wife would definitely beg to differ. But in this case, he has fulfilled his fantasies and goes home to his wife refreshed (not moody). I see it as a white lie that has really boosted and lifted this man and his relationship”.

Izzie’s Client – “I didn’t have the confidence to approach women, next thing you know I’m having a 3-way with Izzie and Alicia” (Heading 2)

Izzie said “aww I remember this one young lad, he was about 23 and really shy. I met him in a bar in Brighton for a few drinks and he opened up to me saying he just doesn’t know how to approach women. He was even a virgin. I felt for the young guy and made him feel comfortable, enjoying a few cocktails with him. As you can guess we then headed back to a hotel room where he lost his virginity”.

The young guy became a regular for Izzie. Alicia then commented “I remember that guy, what a stud he turned out after you shown him a thing or two (laughs). When he got comfortable with Izzie he requested a 3-some with me and Izzie. That was a top night, we got really drunk and he bossed it to be honest”.

Izzie- “Yeah what a nice guy he was. That’s the sort of thing that makes me happy about my job. I still have him on facebook and noticed he’s got himself a lovely girlfriend now. Really happy for him to get his confidence back”.

See, there you have it. Not all escorts are solely in the game for money. They love to help people out with their sex lives too. Although don’t get me wrong, these girls definitely enjoy the money (Izzie ordering another bottle of champagne as we speak).

All Clients details remain confidential as you will notice, no client names are mentioned. (In Italics please)

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  • Beach Hottie

    Its summer and I love the beach, its not just the wind, the sun, the water, I also enjoy the “stealing looks” from men as I walk by or just sit in the sand. When I’m alone its like I’m a magnet, and its more than just looks i get…..
    If I’m with my girlfriends (and their husbands and boyfriends) its more fun. The best is the married man, on the beach with his 2, 3 kids and wife. They’re busy, keeping their kids from running in the wrong direction, building sand castles and in general having a good time, and then he sees me…. Now he really can’t stare at me, at the same time he can’t take his eyes off of me, so he steals looks.

    Sometimes he moves so that I’m in line with one of his kids, so while he is building a sand castle, eating watermelon with one of his very cute children he gets to get a quick look at me. If I feel really naughty I actually give him a small smile that says “I know your looking – enjoy,  and then I adjust my bikini top. The best is when he is not so embarrassed and he smiles back. Of course he then makes a quick look at his wife to see where she is, she is usually busy with the kids, so he can then steal another look.
    and when I lie on my stomach I make sure I give him a clear view of my ass and spread my legs just the smallest amount for him. I can never decide if I”m being “mean” by teasing him or letting him have a fantasy that he can take home with him and when he is with his wife he can imagine its me.
    Apparently have sex with your wife while imagining  / remembering  me, is not so uncommon amongst my clients, so perhaps I’m doing a “public service” when I tease them on the beach?

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  • Hoe omgaan met een relatiebreuk

    Hoe omgaan met een relatiebreuk

    Heel de de dag  proberen je een manier te vinden om je ex terug te krijgen. Veel mannen en vrouwen hebben in de loop van de geschiedenis met deze vraag geworsteld. Het verliezen van een geliefde is een rouwproces. Het is een moeilijke periode waar je doorheen moet. Met dit artikel proberen we je door deze moeilijke fase te helpen.   Accepteer de beslissing We kunnen allerhanden strategieën meegeven waarmee je je ex terug kan krijgen, maar je moet van een basisprincipe uitgaan: liefde heeft vrijheid nodig. Als iemand je verlaat en echt niet meer met je verder wil, is het aan jou om dat te leren accepteren. Je moet dus bereid zijn om te accepteren dat ondanks al je inspanningen het nog steeds mogelijk is dat je ex niet bij je terug wil. Probeer te accepteren dat als iemand besluit om van je weg te gaan dat niet meteen betekent dat je slecht of lelijk bent. De houding van hoe je met een breuk omgaat is van fundamenteel belang om deze te overwinnen en om weer gelukkig te worden zoals voorheen.   Geef je verdriet een plaats Als de breuk onlangs heeft plaatsgevonden, kan je terecht komen in een fase van ongeloof. Allereerst is het belangrijk om kalm te blijven. Het is normaal dat je verdrietig bent en dat het lijkt alsof je wereld instort, maar probeer te onthouden dat dit voorbij zal gaan en dat je je ooit weer goed zult voelen. Het is moeilijk, maar je moet leren om dingen te kunnen afsluiten.   Als het toch niet lukt Als je het toch niet lukt om je ex los te laten, hebben we hierbij enkele tips die je kunnen helpen om je ex terug te winnen. De eerste stap van reflectie is van fundamenteel belang. Probeer zeker niet om je ex weg te jagen. Geef jezelf de tijd om na te denken. Handelen in woede of angst is geen goede strategie om je ex terug te krijgen. Het beste instrument is oprechtheid. Vertel hem hoe je je voelt. Je moet veel moed hebben om je hart voor iemand open te stellen. Het is het heel goed mogelijk dat wat je zegt je ex zal raken als je rustig met hem of haar praat. Als dit alles niet helpt, is het tijd om de beslissing van je ex te accepteren. Er komt heus wel een dag dat je… Read more

    Sex on the beach: the 3 best tips to make it an unforgettable experience

    Sex on the beach: the 3 best tips to make it an unforgettable experience

    As the sun slowly sinks into the sea you and your partner have hot sex on a deserted beach. It’s sounds exciting because you don’t want to be caught. But it’s precisely because it’s secret that makes it so exciting. Sex on the beach – who has never dreamed of that? Still many people wonder how to make sex on the beach. Not everyone has done it. But surely, everyone has imagined it. Sex on the beach could be described as the ultimate fantasy – a combination of pleasures that stimulate many senses at the same time. Why not try with a lovely escort from Belgium? I am sure our Belgian escort girls will try to make it a moment to never forget! Make it even more exciting and book 2 companions so they can have lesbian sex on the beach. For every men it will be true pleasure to watch. But then there is the other side. The things you need to be careful, because if you don’t watch out, your experience will not be so good. There are many reasons why someone wants to make love on the beach with Belgian companions. But don’t forget there is the other side. These are the things you need to be careful about during your date. To enjoy a unique experience it’s best to take the following tips into account.   Pick the right timing Night time is without a doubt the easiest time to make love with your elite escort on the beach. Usually there will be nobody around and you can enjoy complete privacy. Because of that you have the privilege to go completely naked on the shore. Besides the stars you will be bothered by nothing. Take your preparations The ideal beach has fine and golden sand. During the evening the sand will cool off which will be a warm welcome after a sunny day. Find a romantic place where you can lay comfortable. Try to use towels, blankets, sheets or anything else that can protect you from the sand. Your body will be thankful. Go for oral Despite all what you have seen in movies missionary is not ideal for having sex with your high-class escort on the beach. With sand lurking everywhere your best bet is to settle for oral sex. The best part comes after the finale when you just can go in to the water to wash… Read more