8 tips to make your sexual relationship exciting again

Sex in BrusselsIf you are already a long time together with your partner and both have busy social activities, as well a hard job and children than that can cause a reduced sexual tension in the bedroom. This is certainly not wrong. However, many couples are looking for more sexual tension between the sheets. There is nothing more fun than these feeling butterflies again and feeling blood rushing through your veins as in the beginning of the relationship. At this moment you can start thinking about contacting an escort, but wait. Luckily, the sexual tension can easily get back into your sex life. In this article you can discover 8 exciting, erotic tips that will make you and your partner desire each other (again).

1. Sexy lingerie is an absolute must. A woman in a beautiful sexy lingerie is the dream of every man. As you probably know men are more sensitive than women to visual stimuli. A woman wearing revealing lingerie is full of self-confidence and that’s what men love and excite. Try to replace your classic sexy thong with open lingerie. Open lingerie is lingerie that lacks dust in the most strategic places. This mostly can be on your breasts which makes them for visible. It’s fun to see, but also very interesting for an exciting foreplay or an exciting game.

2. When you say bondage a lot of people will look with a dirty face. Bondage is always associated with whips, nipple clamps, latex and leather. Did you know that there are much milder forms of bondage? Soft bondage is the perfect way to make your sex life more fun and exciting. Tie each other together with handcuffs or anklecuffs and feel how the adrenaline passes through your body. Because you are tied up, you and your partner feel more connected. After all, you are dependent on the goodwill of your partner.

3. Fast sex? No! An extensive prelude is needed to make things more tense. You can do this in different ways. Foreplay can already begin while you prepare food together or watch a cosy movie. Cook in sexy lingerie, wash the crockery and wet your partner. Another idea is wearing a sexy kimono when you are watching a movie with your partner. A prelude doesn’t just mean that you have to satisfy each other. There are a lot of sexual actions that make your sex life exciting. Use your imagination!

4. Because you have been together for a while you often forget to make time for each other. Being together is a habit and no longer a verb. Make time and give each other a blissful massage. When you massage you take the time to pamper your loved one’s body and nothing feels as good as an erotic massage. You will be in an erotic mood and enjoy lovemaking more.

5. Stripping is the ultimate erotic action you will only do for someone you trust for 100% or even more. You dare to slowly take off your clothes for your partner. Enjoy his or her gaze taking every spot of your body. During an erotic comic strip both of you will be sexually excited. Time and sexual interaction are central to stripping. By slowly exposing yourself you build up the sexual tension which will result in an explosive release.

6. An abundance of sex toys is never good, but a number of erotic attributes that make your sex life more exciting is definitely a must. Try a vibrating penis ring or a small vibrator once to pamper all kinds of erogenous spots. These sex toys can be used together to give your sex life that extra swing.

7. Take erotic photos together or make a sex movie. You only do this sexual act with someone you trust and someone you know. After all you never know where these photos will end up. In this sexual act the action is important (“going out of clothes together and being sexy”), but also the erotic secret that you share gives a positive boost to your sex life.

8. Watch a sex movie together and try to take each other’s preferences into account. Usually women prefer a sex movie with a story. These are the so-called female-friendly sex films. Women are treated with respect in these films. These sex films show a story with an erotic character. Women like it and are excited by the explicitly sexual scenes in it.


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